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Marleen van Wel

Well-written e-book with a fresh and sharp vision on SEO. It made me more aware about the options in SEO for now and in the future. The e-book is truly inspiring, I felt exicted to start immedately with the out of the box SEO strategy from Chantal. Definitely a must read!

Marleen read the e-book The end of SEO as we used to do it

Arne Timmerman

The SEO profession is often dominated (and taught) with outdated knowledge and insights. Chantal shows in her book a totally different and confronting reality. In her e-book she makes short work of link-building, meta-tags, rankings and all those other concepts that have long been pushed into the background by the algorithms of Google and are increasingly disappearing from view. A relief and a must-read for every online marketer!

Arne read the e-boook The end of SEO as we used to do it

Joyce Heisen

Chantal is not only an SEO expert, but also a content expert. By this I mean that she does not use standard tricks to make your content visible in Google, but chooses an approach for the long-term improvement of your site. What makes her unique is that she masters all steps in that process herself. From collecting and interpreting data to strategic advice and even – though that is not her core business – creating content. Because she is remarkably good at that too. She knows how to convey that she is good at what she does. At the Dutch Cancer Society, thanks to her knowledge and skills, she has convinced colleagues of the importance of good, relevant content. With her commitment, she has paved the way for me and fellow editors to take significant steps in creating new content. The result: the number of visitors increased enormously. Chantal is ambitious, professional and approachable. I hope I can work with her again in the future.

Joyce was a client of Chantal when she worked at an online agency

About Chantal

Chantal has been working in the SEO industry for over 11 years. She helped large and small companies to become more visible in Google. In that time, she already trained more than 400 people in the field of SEO & Content Marketing and she has spoken at national and international SEO congresses such as Brighton SEO. Her articles on the Dutch marketing websites Frankwatching and Marketingfacts have been viewed more than 160.000 times.
Meanwhile, she has written 2 e-books about SEO. Not e-books with the standard tips and tricks, but e-books in which she wants to encourage people to do things differently and start thinking differently about SEO. She also has her own podcast series on Spotify. In each epidsode she discusses a topic in 10 minutes and gives a refreshing view on the matter.

Consultancy experience:

In the spotlights SEO podcast
Chantal in SEO podcast Dennis & Martijn