About Chantal

I have been active in the field of SEO & Content Marketing for over 11 years. I started at TUI and then worked for 8 years at Maxlead. As an SEO-consultant, I helped large and small companies to improve their visibility in search engines. During this period, I wrote blogs for Frankwatching and Marketingfacts. I was also invited to speak at BrightonSEO.

I have a different perspective on SEO than you might expect from an SEO specialist. Where everyone goes left, I usually go right. With good reason, I think.
Through SEO I entered the field of Content Marketing and as Head of Content Marketing I was able to help companies set up Customer Journey models, content strategies and content calendars for Marketing Automation.

This gave me insight into customer journeys, a good overview of the various phases, an idea of the content needs per phase and the right kpi’s per phase. I combine this knowledge with my knowledge of SEO and, partly as a result of this, look at the profession from a different angle.
Last year, love brought me to Zeeland and nowadays I work at YourSurprise in the beautiful city of Zierikzee as an SEO specialist. This year, I published 2 e-books in Dutch about my vision on SEO: “The end of SEO as we used to do it” and “Manual Horizontal SEO”.

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