BrightonSEO 2023: Focussing on SEO will not make you an E-E-A-T

In september 2023 I was a speaker at BrightonSEO. You will find my controversial slidedeck about SEO & E-E-A-T over here.

BrightonSEO 2023 - september editie

In september 2023 sta ik als spreker op BrightonSEO in Auditorium 2 om 16:50 uur lokale tijd. In 20 minuten vertel ik waarom dingen doen voor SEO je geen E-E-A-T maakt en hoe je het wel kunt worden!

 You will find me at the september edition of BrightonSEO 2023. At 16:50 local time I will be talking about why focussing on SEO will not make you an E-E-A-T. 


You will find a link to my slide deck here. 


Alle sessies worden opgenomen, zodra de opnames beschikbaar zijn, zal ik hier de link plaatsen of de opname toevoegen. 

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Title: Why doing things for SEO will not make you an E-E-A-T


Most companies are trying to create helpful content and become an E-E-A-T because Google says it’s important. In this session Chantal will talk about how doing things for SEO will not result in great content nor will it help you build and show E-E-A-T. Just because Google decided they are SEO concepts doesn’t mean they belong on the SEOs plate. According to Chantal, it takes more than we – SEOs – can provide.

Prepare for a talk that will not leave any sacred cows in SEO untouched. Of course, Chantal won’t leave you to figure it out on your own. She will share her thoughts on how to genuinely become an E-E-A-T and what it takes…

Let's talk about SEO

Do you want to get more out of SEO and get started with Organic marketing? I am more than happy to help you with this. Together with me, you will work on creating your ideal customer profile and determine where and when you can reach your audience with the right message. Some content items are suitable for SEO, while others can be used for demand generation and building authority. All the content you create must meet the requirements of the Google Helpful Content Update and contribute to E-E-A-T.

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With the announcement of Generative AI in Search people say: there is no more incentive to create content anymore. Well if we create content for SEO reasons only, that is definitely true. But why do we only create content if it brings us visitors from organic search? Creating content for this reason only is a flaw in our marketing strategy and by doing this we are missing the bigger value of content.