BrightonSEO 2023: Focussing on SEO will not make you an E-E-A-T

In september 2023 I was a speaker at BrightonSEO. You will find my controversial slidedeck about SEO & E-E-A-T over here.

BrightonSEO 2023 - september edition

I had the honor to be a speaker at BrightonSEO in september 2023.
The title of my presentation was: Why focussing on SEO will not make you an EEAT

You can now watch the video on BrightonSEO’s YouTube channel

About my talk

Most companies are trying to create helpful content and become an E-E-A-T because Google says it’s important. In this session Chantal will talk about how doing things for SEO will not result in great content nor will it help you build and show E-E-A-T. Just because Google decided they are SEO concepts doesn’t mean they belong on the SEOs plate. According to me, it takes more than we – SEOs – can provide.

Prepare for a talk that will not leave any sacred cows in SEO untouched. Of course, Chantal won’t leave you to figure it out on your own. She will share her thoughts on how to genuinely become an E-E-A-T and what it takes…


You will find my slide deck here. 

What do you mean, won't make me an EEAT?

For over a decade, SEOs have focused on tactics like keyword research, content optimization, and link building. While these were effective in the past, Google’s algorithms have evolved. Now Google wants websites to provide unique value, be authoritative, and gain trust. Simply having author bios, contact info, and optimized content does not automatically make you an EEAT. As I explained in this talk, you cannot buy or build EEAT through basic SEO tactics. Building up EEAT is like becoming Gordon Ramsay. And becoming an authority like Gordon Ramsay takes time and effort to build reputation and be seen as a leader in your field. Google wants websites that add value to the world wide web, not just websites that target keywords. So an SEO strategy centered on keywords and rankings will no longer reliably build EEAT. We need to go beyond traditional tactics and focus on high-quality content, brand-building, and earning trust. SEO should support this wider mission, not be the sole focus.

How can I become the Gordon Ramsay of my industry?

To become the Gordon Ramsay of your industry, it’s important to take a bigger approach than doing things for SEO. It requires what I call Organic Marketing. As I explain in my talk, it starts by deeply understanding your audience and creating content that provides unique value and answers their questions. Involve true experts at your company, don’t just outsource to copywriters. 

Organize interviews, record them on audio and video and turn them into insightful content across platforms – website, podcasts, videos, social media. Share your expertise openly. Getting links from authoritative sites comes from building connections and reputation, not buying links. Becoming an EEAT like Gordon Ramsay takes consistency over time. Keep providing value without expecting immediate return in revenue or better rankings. Organic Marketing takes time, but in three years from now you wished you started today. 

Build your brand as a thought leader. Use SEO to amplify your content, not as the sole focus. This organic, audience-focused approach is how to gain authority and trust. It’s about the long game of building expertise and relationships. SEO should support that wider mission.

Chantal Smink at Brighton SEO 2023 talking about EEAT


During my session I talked about my approach and the so called QPAFFCGMIM’s of your customer. QPAFFCGMIM stands for Question, Problems, Alternatives, Fears, Frustrations, Concerns, Goals, Myths, Interests and Misunderstandings. This represents the deeper information you need to understand about your target audience. Rather than just focusing on keywords, QPAFFCGMIM looks at the actual questions, problems, fears, goals and interests real people have around a topic. For example, someone searching for running shoes may be having problems with their current shoes causing blisters, be concerned about finding the right fit, have goals around improving performance, and have interests in new technologies and brands. By researching the QPAFFCGMIM for your audience, you can create content that truly provides value and answers their needs. This level of insight allows you to produce content based on what people really care about, not just target keywords. QPAFFCGMIM puts the audience first, resulting in content that builds authority and trust.

QPAFFCGMIM + organic marketing = EEAT + helpful content

When you practice my approach with QPAFFCGMIM and collect the answers from experts, you are creating a solid foundation for helpful content & EEAT. 

QPAFFCGMIM & organic marketing will lead to EEAT and helpful content

I would love to talk at your conference

Are your interested in my other approach to SEO, Organic Marketing and QPAFFCGMIM? I’d love to talk at your conference about this topic. Send me an e-mail to get in touch.

Let's talk about SEO

Do you want to get more out of SEO and get started with Organic marketing? I am more than happy to help you with this. Together with me, you will work on creating your ideal customer profile and determine where and when you can reach your audience with the right message. Some content items are suitable for SEO, while others can be used for demand generation and building authority. All the content you create must meet the requirements of the Google Helpful Content Update and contribute to E-E-A-T.

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With the announcement of Generative AI in Search people say: there is no more incentive to create content anymore. Well if we create content for SEO reasons only, that is definitely true. But why do we only create content if it brings us visitors from organic search? Creating content for this reason only is a flaw in our marketing strategy and by doing this we are missing the bigger value of content.