Updated e-books about SEO

Boek handleiding SEO aan het schrijven

Chantal enjoying herself writing her second e-book.

A new perspective on seo

Chantal has written 2 e-books about SEO. But don’t be mistaken, these are not the standard e-books that you find everywhere online with practical tips and tricks.
In her first e-book, Chantal makes short shrift with the standard way we all do SEO. She substantiates her vision with data from SparkToro, among others.
Chantal pleads for a new look at SEO, one that is not about keywords, rankings and turnover based on last cookie. In 71 pages, she paints a very bleak picture of the current status of SEO and goes deeper into what the rise of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning can mean for SEO. What will be left if most of the DO phase is no longer SEO accessible?

The end of SEO as we used to do it

Het einde van SEO, horizontale SEO als nieuwe strategie

This e-book is currently only available in Dutch. Stay tuned for the English version.

Manual horizontal SEO

This e-book is currently only available in Dutch.