Transforming from SEO to Organic Marketing

The secret of online succes is..

Succes comes from Helpful Content & E-E-A-T. It’s not just for Google, it’s for your client. Use your channels to spread helpful content and build up E-E-A-T in order to rank better in Google.


Succes case:

Jong & Laan vs Deloitte, PWC & EY

“De Jong & Laan are depending less on their brand name because the are largely visible on non-branded search terms”.

Research after accounting companies and SEO
(independent research published on

Succes case:

Andros Clinics: full focus on E-E-A-T & YMYL

“Chantal doesn’t work from tools as a starting point. She looks at the website from a holistic point of view. She carries a lot of SEO expertise and sees our website from the eyes of our audience”.

Melanie Schaap
Marketing Manager Andros Clinics

Succes case:

Hypotheekshop most effective in financial sector

“Relatively taken the turns out the be the company with the most effective SEO strategy”.

Research after winners and losers in finance
(independent research published on

Who is Chantal?

Chantal is an author, podcaster, speaker and trainer in SEO. She works as a freelance SEO and content strategist that works in the field of SEO since 2010. She worked on both agency and client side for years. 

Last year she published her first book (Dutch only) about creating better content to rank in search engines, not content created around keywords but for your ideal customer. This was way before Google released the Helpful Content Update. 

She called her approach Horizontal SEO: not ranking as high as possible but as widely as possible. 

Chantal is a speaker at Brighton SEO 2023.

Blogs in English

With the announcement of Generative AI in Search people say: there is no more incentive to create content anymore. Well if we create content for SEO reasons only, that is definitely true. But why do we only create content if it brings us visitors from organic search? Creating content for this reason only is a flaw in our marketing strategy and by doing this we are missing the bigger value of content.


Linda Poucochinho
"A relief to experience that SEO can also work in this way"
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No one can tell you better about your products than yourself, you shouldn't want that at all outsource.” In the 10+ years that I've been active online, that was the first time an expert didn't try to take work off my hands, but instead told me to keep it to myself.
Em Burfitt
"Chantal flips the script on SEO"
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I’ve been a copywriter for 5 years now. I lived through the “keyword stuffing” days where incorrect grammar was valued higher than good copy if it got the clicks. Needless to say, I wasn’t a fan. Chantal’s approach to SEO is something I’ve always wanted to work with and never knew possible until her. She’s a great teacher and doesn’t overcomplicate things so people like me can understand more about how SEO actually works.
SEO-podcast en Insta

SEO podcast & Instagram

Especially for the Dutch audience I host a podcast on Spotify. The episodes take around 10-15 minutes. In each episode I talk about a specific problem, share insights or a vision and update you about the news in SEO. 

Podcast SEO Chantal Smink getipt door SEO Benelux als must read

SEO BENELUX: must listen podcast

In the SEO Benelux newsletter from week 28 van 2022 they named my podcast as a must listen podcast in the field of SEO.