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Ik ben chantal en help je graag

Do you want to talk and discuss about SEO and online marketing with someone with extensive experience in SEO, Content Marketing and Lead generation? Then you’ve come to the right place. What can you expect from me: innovative angles and creative ideas.
But there is something you should know before we get in touch: I am not going to help you achieve higher rankings in Google, but I will help you get more SEO traffic. I will also help you find the right channel for each moment and I will help you create a good content strategy.
I do have one requirement for you: you are open to a new look and vision and you are willing to do things differently. From me you will not get the answer you want, but you will get the answer you need.

How I can help you:

Strategy & Consulting

SEO en Online Marketing Strategie en slim advies

I help you with strategic advice and smart tips that you won’t hear elsewhere!

Content creation

Creatie van content en blogs SEO

If you are short of hands to create content, I will do it for you!


SEO en online marketing trainingen

Would you like to train a team or a department on SEO or Online Marketing? I would love to do that for you!

Lead generation

Hulp en advies bij B2B Lead generatie

Lead generation? I help you to create a persona and the content strategy.

SEO strategy with a fresh perspective

Boek handleiding SEO aan het schrijven
Are you failing trying to rank higher in Google? Are you stuck and would you like some one-on-one coaching and advice on how to get more out of SEO? I would love to help you with that.
With my innovative vision on SEO (not ranking higher, but ranking more widely) you are guaranteed a fresh look at SEO. Together we will find out which opportunities are worth it to pursue and which ones not because bot everything you want is possible and I will be honest about that. If you are not one of the biggest players in the market with at least as much budget and resources, the chance that you will ever rank high in Google is simply minimal or non existant.
But don’t panic: I will gladly help you to find out where the chances are to rank higher and where the chances are to rank wider. There is more than just top terms!
I can help you with:
  • Setting up an horizontal SEO strategy
  • Setting up an SEO content plan
  • SEO execution & content writing
  • SEO reports and monitoring
  • Advice on building a new website
  • SEO training for your team

Online Marketing Strategy

If you want to achieve good results, it is useful to approach your online marketing strategically. We look at where your potential customer is at any given time in the customer journey, and how you can reach him or her. It does not matter whether you are active in B2B or B2C. In recent years, I have helped both players in the B2B and B2C markets to deploy online marketing strategically. 
The basis for the online marketing strategy is of course the customer journey. Together, we look at what this looks like for your customer groups and can outline a different strategy for each customer group with appropriate KPIs. Because a campaign aimed at a new target group on Social Media cannot, of course, be judged directly in terms of turnover.
If you want my advice, I promise you I will be always honest. Sometimes a channel is just not suitable for what you want to do or achieve. The fact that a channel exists does not mean that you can use it.
I can help you with:
  • What does the customer journey of your potential customer look like?
  • Which channel to use and when?
  • How do you judge the channels?
  • Where are the weak links in your current strategy?
  • How can you guarantee growth in the coming years?
SEO-training geven

B2B Lead Generation

Spreken over SEO en content marketing

Cold calling is so not 2021 anymore. The focus has shifted from selling to helping through relevance.

In today’s sales organisation, you make sure your potential customers are warmed up. Then it’s easier to get in touch with them. How do you get that done? By already getting in touch with your buyer persona in a See or Think phase. The key is to know what keeps your persona awake at night, what his or her goals are and what he or she is up against. Once you know that, you can make sure your company is in the right place at the right time. Then you can start the conversation with your desired customer based on trust. More effective than cold calling, isn’t it?

Consultancy experience:

Resume Chantal Smink

I have been working in online marketing since 2006. I entered the field through an internship and never left it. When I was working at one of the largest European travel agencies (TUI) back in 2010 I accidentally stumbled into the specialism of SEO: what a great field that was! I decided I wanted to do more with it.
In 2012 I switched over to the agency side and started working for Maxlead in Oegstgeest, a well known and high profile online marketing agency in the Netherlands. As a Sr. SEO-Consultant and later Head of Content Marketing, I helped many large and small companies to become more visibile in SEO with the right content. Besides the clients you see above, I also worked for Carglass, HunterDouglas (Luxaflex), Basic-Fit, BPD (Bouwfonds), ABN AMRO, Pabo/Beate Uhse and many more.
These days, I am still involved in SEO, but I do it differently. Even at Maxlead I noticed that I have a different perspective on SEO compared to fellow SEO’s. In my opinion, there is no point in trying to rank on top terms if you are a small player. Visibility in Google on top terms is Champions League level and that is just not for everyone. That’s okay: there are plenty of other opportunities!
Spreken over SEO & content