In september 2023 I was a speaker at BrightonSEO. You will find my controversial slidedeck about SEO & E-E-A-T over here.
With the announcement of Generative AI in Search people say: there is no more incentive to create content anymore. Well if we create content for SEO reasons only, that is definitely true. But why do we only create content if it brings us visitors from organic search? Creating content for this reason only is a flaw in our marketing strategy and by doing this we are missing the bigger value of content.
A new era has come, with the rise of Generative AI in Search Google will change how it worked for years. This will influence the way we do SEO. SEO will not be about keywords anymore, we need other reason to create content and domain authority has nothing to do with E-E-A-T
Linkbuilding is often seen as a separate activity within SEO. However, I believe that obtaining links should not be a goal in itself, where you go around begging for links. Links are the result of a valuable content strategy that adds value to the web. In this case study, you can read how I obtained links without linkbuilding.